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Honey Bees

Honey Bees Make Honey ... and Bread? | Deep Look

Honey bees make honey from nectar to fuel their flight – and our sweet tooth. But they also need pollen for protein. So they trap, brush and pack it into baskets ...

2019-05-07 04:11 1,979,514 YouTube

Extreme Honey Bee Hive Removal | SO MUCH HONEY | Honey Bees in the Ceiling!

Extreme Bee Hive Removal | SO MUCH HONEY | Saving a Honey Bee Colony #bees #honey #beehive #honeybee ...

2018-12-29 27:45 2,038,261 YouTube

Harvesting 109 POUNDS of RAW HONEY!

Honey harvesting time is the most satisfying part of keeping bees. Contact:

2018-06-22 25:48 2,117,258 YouTube

How Do Honeybees Get Their Jobs? | National Geographic

Every honeybee has a job to do. Some are nurses who take care of the brood; some are janitors who clean the hive; others are foragers who gather pollen to ...

2019-03-26 03:23 184,557 YouTube

How Do Bees Make Honey?

Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: Let PBS know more about you ...

2016-03-28 06:33 1,867,222 YouTube

Russian Honey Bees vs Italian Honey Bees-My First package of russian hybrid bees

Russian Honey Bees vs Italian Honey Bees-My First package of russian hybrid bees...

2015-06-17 00:40 132 Dailymotion

Honey Bees Types - What Are 3 Honey Bees Types?

http://www.guidetobeekeeping.info3 Honey Bees Types? What are they? Check Out This video for more. After check out the informations for a FREE video/email cours...

2010-11-28 04:10 173 Dailymotion

Honey Bees Types - What Are 3 Honey Bees Types?

Honey Bees Types - What Are 3 Honey Bees Types?...

2015-08-23 04:11 10 Dailymotion

Honey bees- crazy guys taking wild honeycomb from the bees without protection. They are going to be in pain later!

Removing honey without beeking honeycomb- crazy guys as this is going to sting!...

2019-03-01 03:28 554 Dailymotion

BEARD OF BEES by Luis Slayton of Bee Strong Honey and Honey Bee Removal

This beard of honey bees was performed right after our previous video of the Squire Master Vance bees hive was filmed. The same bees from the Squire Master were...

2018-02-05 10:24 22 Dailymotion

How Bees Make Honey

For this project, I illustrate the process of a bee making honey. Made in Illustrator and After Effects, the bees are largely animated with the Puppet Tool (ve...

2012-03-27 01:35 22,825 Vimeo

Vitality of Honey Bees


2013-12-02 01:59 4,398 Vimeo

Honey Bees

Feel free to download and use this footage in any way....

2009-07-04 03:21 3,334 Vimeo

Honey Bees

Footage of a wild nest that has remained undisturbed for over 30 years. - Situated in the buildings of an old fruit farm. Enjoy...

2009-11-03 01:10 4,213 Vimeo

“Dance of the Honey Bee”

Bill presents the short documentary “Dance of the Honey Bee.” Narrated by Bill McKibben, the film takes a look at the determined, beautiful, and vital role ...

2013-04-19 06:41 43,044 Vimeo