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Whale Attack

TOP TEN Killer Whale (Orca) Encounters Caught On Tape

Top Ten Killer Whale / ORCA Encounters Caught on Tape.

2018-12-09 13:33 327,201 YouTube

Tourist's Camera Rolls Seconds Before Killer Whale Attacks SeaWorld Trainer

A family from New Hampshire visiting SeaWorld Orlando shoots a home video seconds before trainer Dawn Brancheau is killed in an attack by a killer whale ...

2010-02-25 06:57 4,674,934 YouTube

Shamu attacks and kills Pelican during show

I was at SeaWorld San Diego on the 20th Feb 08 and attended the Shamu Killer Whale "Believe" show. During this show, Shamu lived up to his Killer Whale ...

2008-03-28 09:59 20,045,457 YouTube

Killer Whale Attacks at Sea World! UNCUT VIDEO!!!!!

With the latest attack at Sea World these beauiftul smart creatures should be back in the waters free with no tank. This is all for money not for the education of ...

2010-02-27 03:35 19,689,699 YouTube

Raw Video: SeaWorld Killer Whale Before Attack

Amateur video shows the killer whale at SeaWorld in Florida interacting with its trainer minutes before the whale attacked, pulling the trainer into the water by her ...

2010-02-26 02:05 1,296,283 YouTube

Surprise Whale Shark Attacks Diver - Whale Shark Attacks

Surprise Whale Shark Attacks Diver - Whale Shark Attacks...

2014-09-20 00:47 5,674 Dailymotion

Rare Footage of Killer Whales Attacking a Blue Whale!

For the full video of this encounter, go to: This has to be one...

2013-09-19 00:59 1,323 Dailymotion

whales trying to attack !! moment two huge whales approach a paddle boarder

whales trying to attack !! moment two huge whales approach a paddle boarder...

2018-06-18 01:17 7 Dailymotion

Blue Whale app gets counter attack; Anti-Blue Whale app developed | Oneindia News

The suicidal social media challenge Blue Whale that has taken the lives of many would now have to compete with another app called the 'Anti-Blue Whale' app....

2017-09-19 01:49 110 Dailymotion

Whale Attack, Grigg Steals Whale v. Buffalo 1-10-16


2019-03-07 00:14 1 Dailymotion

Sharks attack whale

About 100 sharks line 400m of shoreline to feed off a devoured whale. Not the most comforting when you surf the reefs that they own. Some were tiger sharks, oth...

2012-06-19 01:18 2,125,683 Vimeo

Whale Attacks

When good whales go bad. Surfers: Brett Barley Ben Bourgeois Nick Bland Nick Rupp Ross Stevens Fisher Heverly Hunter Heverly Film/Edit: Logan Beam www.Forec...

2012-07-18 02:32 12,807 Vimeo

Whale attack

I wanted to do a whale with guns and stuff on it. I've ended up here and decided to remove the guns for now. Maybe I'll turn it into a war scene. Not sure. Whad...

2010-03-28 01:17 281 Vimeo

6/16/2016 whale attack!!!

Whale attack at the wedge in Newport Beach California...

2016-06-20 02:09 1,989 Vimeo

Pilot Whale Attack, Nova Scotia Summer 2009

Not to mention, they are plagued with Pilot Whale infested waters As this video commenced, the whales encircled the boat The little blond boy did not make it....

2009-09-03 00:34 366 Vimeo